Tips For Hassle-Free Shopping Of Best Flower Girl Dresses


Your wedding is definitely one of the most beautiful events that could happen in your life. And if you want to have that perfect entourage, it’s necessary to pay attention to what your cute flower girl will be wearing when she walks down the aisle before you. That said, you should take time in choosing the best flower girl dresses you could get.

Picking flower girl dresses should be precisely done since it is an important factor that your little ladies feel comfortable and look their best selves at the event. It’s also a bonus that those can improve the overall appearance of your wedding.

To guide you, below are tips on how you can select the best flower girl dresses for your wedding day:

Should match your wedding theme

When picking the right dress, it’s necessary that it’s not just comfortable to wear or suit the personality of the little girl, but also matches your wedding’s formality and feel. Also, take note that there is more to a flower girl than just the dress, certain hairstyles or statement accessory should also go along and not clash with your other ideas.

Don't have to be white and can be from a different brand

Sticking with tradition can be a nuisance since it limits your options. When in fact, you don’t really have to stick to the tradition wherein the flower girl wears a dress in white, ivory, or diamond. Apart from that, if you think you should order flower girl dresses from the same company you bought your wedding gown from, that’s not actually true. You can get it from a different brand. If you already have your wedding dress, you can just compare the colours of the flower girl dresses to have the best and accurate result.

Overall aesthetics for you and your little ladies

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing a flower girl dress. Considering the planned colour palette for the aesthetics of your wedding can be helpful in your search. If you are having a hard time choosing, consider asking the littlest member of your bridal party for her opinion.

Fitting and style also matter in considering the flower dress that goes best with the wedding. It should be ensured that the chosen dress connects the girl well with the event. Most brides opt for dresses that correlates to their wedding aesthetic while some choose one in a similar hue to the bridesmaids’ dress that visually connects to her bridal party.

Take the fabric of the dress into account

There are some types of fabrics which have been completely reserved for the event of the wedding. One of these is Satin, which is a fabric that can resist the wrinkles and does not ruin the look of the dress as your little princesses move around. This fabric is also preferable for flower girl dresses since it’s comfortable to wear and likely to get ripped. Another safe choice for choosing the dress for flower girls is chiffon. As a matter of fact, chiffon is the most commonly used dress fabric in every wedding event.

Consider the season

It’s also ideal that the flowers girls wear something the works with the season. Stick with short sleeves and open-toed shoes for warm-weather weddings, and consider adding tights or sweaters to the ensemble for cold-weather weddings. That way, they won't be too hot or cold throughout the day.

Select the right length for her age

Most flower girl dresses are either floor-length or tea-length (falling a few inches under the knee). Younger girls may fair better with tea-length dresses since they won't drag on the ground and create a tripping hazard. As fo older girls, opting for a floor-length dress that looks more sophisticated is a better option. The neckline length should be considered as well. Gowns with high necklines better prevent wardrobe mishaps, especially with younger children.

Finding beautifully designed and made flower girl dresses can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to look for or where to start. But by considering the tips mentioned above, you can make sure that you’ll get that perfect dress that matches your wedding’s theme and vibes. So what are you waiting for? Visit a trusted dress shop right now and get that cute piece of clothing for your little princess!